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Ehinlaiye law is someone with the right combination of expertise, legal mindset and morality. We carry Depth of understanding, mental capacity, equipped with legal developments and legal changes. Our accuracy and hard-work is a clear distinction between us and other Law firms.

We accept Cheques and Cash payments. Ofcourse including eletronic payments, and wire transfers.

No. In order to practice law to that jurisdiction, lawyers must comply with the bar entry standards of a State. Nevertheless, certain states allow out-of-state lawyers to practice law if they have a certain amount of legal experience and are certified by the highest court of the state. At times, attorneys can be interested in particular cases in states where they lack a license to do so, called a “pro hac vice” (or “for this one particular occasion”) appearance.

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This will rely on what is at stake and whether you want to “risk it” or not.
On certain issues, such as offering impartial legal counsel on
a separation agreement. It is extremely important to have a lawyer.
Therefore, A lawyer can be optional-but still useful for certain problems.


The children usually stay with the parent who has custody all the time, or much of the time. A parent who has no custody will usually have the right to meet with the kids at specified times, and the right to inquire about the kids. Typically, this is called access.

Generally it takes 4 to 6 months to get a divorce legally finalized, if you decide to your divorce and dependent on the reason for why. It can also take longer if you need to fix problems with income , property or kids, which will need to be done separately of-course.

“Legal Custody” grants a parent the right to make long-term decisions about a child’s health and main facets of child welfare — including schooling, medical care , dental care, and religious instruction.

For majority cases of child custody, both parents are given legal custody (called “joint legal custody”), unless it is proven that one parent is either incompetent, or incapable of making decisions regarding the child’s upbringing. A history of substance abuse , domestic violence, or child neglect may play a part in this decision, focusing on what’s best for the child (not the parents).  “Physical custody,” meanwhile, relates to where the child will live.

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