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When you choose to to prepare legal estate planning documents such as a will and powers of attorney for property and personal care, it is prerequisite that you have the capacity to sign them.

Capacity means the ability to to fully comprehend what you are signing and the effect of what you are signing.

Capacity is fluid and situational. A person may be found capable of making healthcare decisions but found incapable with regards to dealing with property. Where dispute arise between individuals and health professionals respecting involuntary hospital admissions, medical and psychiatric treatment decisions and financial incapacity findings, the Consent and Capacity Board (CCB) is the provincial tribunal that resolves such disputes. The CCB also has the mandate to choose between competing substitute decision makers for persons found incapable.

At ehinlaiye Law, we recognize the sensitivity of representing individuals before the CCB and being a voice for them. Let us stand with you and for you during this process.

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Capacity Law Legal Services:

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